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Meet the Enemies of Valkyria: Azure Revolution
Must be hard to fight in those tight pants.
11.18.16 - 2:42 PM

Valkyria: Azure Revolution pits the small nation of Jutland against the military might of the Rus empire, and what is an imperial army without its fancy officers? Sega recently released screenshots of the four Rus military commanders who will face off against our heroes. Each of the commanders participated in the orphanage raid incident, pitting them directly against Amlereth and company. What's more, the commanders won't be going to war unarmed of course. They will each pilot a ragnite powered magic machine made with technology borrowed from other nations. Because the world of Valkyria: Azure Revolution is influenced so strongly by magic, these machines are modeled after living beings rather than traditional tanks or automobiles.

Here are the details on the commanders and their machines:

Gilouche Benckendorff Viktor Timashev

Gustav Mecklenburg Balthus Greppenberg

The empire's first in command is Gilouche Benckendorff. He is the foster brother to Claudius and has been a loyal follower since Claudius became crown prince. He is said to be energetic, brave, and an excellent leader. Viktor Timashev is the Rus number 2 commander and the Minister of Home Affairs. He is a skilled strategist who began plotting the empire's expansion as soon as Claudius took the throne. Viktor idolizes Claudius but treats his subordinates with cold disdain. However, sometimes his cold veneer cracks, revealing the seeds of insanity underneath.

Gustav Mecklenburg is the head of the navy and a master of combat using magic machines. Though he was entrusted with the navy in recognition of his skills, he often complains of wanting to return to the army. However, he skillfully commands the empire's nascent naval forces to seize control of Europe's northern coast. He is frivolous and aloof, but has no sense of humor. Balthus Greppenberg assists Gilouche in the army and also serves as Minister of Foreign Affairs. The youngest of the commanders, he is gregarious and personable and serves the empire by negotiating the surrender of its conquests.

Rus only recently became a militarist empire and was also late to the industrial revolution, so it did not develop much military hardware on its own. It had to license the designs from the Britannia Empire and plunder resources from its vanquished neighbors. However, the country is now a military powerhouse facing the small kingdom of Jutland.

valyria azure revolution magic machine

Gilouche's Guardian embodies the general's philosophy of defense, and acts like a mobile fortress.

valyria azure revolution magic machine

Victor's Snake prizes high mobility and stealth. It is engineered to capitalize on the general's keen tactical mind.

valyria azure revolution magic machine

The Whale emphasizes movement and transportation, fitting for the head of the navy Gustav.

valyria azure revolution magic machine

Balthus is often entrusted with the vanguard, so his Dragon magic machine is designed to match his aggressive role.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution comes out in Japan on January 19th for the PS4 and Vita.


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