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Final Fantasy XV Leviathan Summon Details, New Info on Party Member Skills and Guest Characters
The final countdown continues.
11.20.16 - 7:27 PM

As we approach Final Fantasy XV's release, Square Enix has generously provided more screenshots and information on the upcoming game. The latest details include the Leviathan summon, party member's unique skills and guest character roles. First we get a look at Leviathan's latest incarnation pictured below.

final fantasy xv leviathan summon

If you are near a body of water, Leviathan can be summoned to cause mass destruction among your opponents by using it's immense size to bite them. Even large enemies are dwarfed by the beast and can become it's next meal.

The party member's unique skills will level up depending on the actions performed, gaining additional effects along the way. Noctis' fishing ability will level up the more you fish, making fishing gear more affordable and providing fish for Ignis to cook recipes. Ignis will learn new recipes by collecting various ingredients from battle. When the party winds down at camp, Ignis will get to level up his cooking skill. Each character has their favorite dish and eating it will increase command power.

Next, we have Gladiolus' survival skill that's leveled up by walking. As his survival level increases the chances of picking up valuable items at the end of battles goes up. Lastly, we have Prompto's photography skill, which improves by taking pictures during your journey. Prompto will gradually be able to take better photos as he improves his skill by adding effects and the ability to take selfies.

final fantasy xv prompto selfie

A new guest party member feature is titled 'Link Attack', allowing you to issue commands to guests and attack together. Cor will help Noctis by using his giant sword to increase damage dealt, while Iris will attack enemies with a Moogle after a successful parry.

final fantasy xv link attack

It's a relief to know the long wait is ending soon. Final Fantasy XV is out November 29th for PS4 and XB1. Stay tuned to RPGFan for our upcoming review.


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