Chris Gebauer
Digimon World: Next Order Will Launch on February 26th on PS4 in Japan
A month after the Europe and North America launches.
11.22.16 - 3:37 AM

Digimon World: Next Order on PlayStation 4 will go by a different name in Japan: Digimon World: Next Order International Edition. But the game isn't just getting a different name from its western brethren. According to the latest issue of V-Jump it will come out on February 26th and cost ¥6,800.

Digimon World: Next Order PS4

This is in comparison to the recent announcement that the Digimon World: Next Order would be coming out in Europe on January 27th and North America on January 30th.

V-Jump also confirmed that both MagnaGarurumon and EmperorGreymon are included in the PlayStation 4 edition's 12 additional Digimon. The two aforementioned Digimon can be combined through ExE Evolution to create Susanoomon. Get hyped Digi folk.


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