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Final Fantasy XV Celebrates Impending Release with Final Trailer and Screenshots
Finally...we can stop writing Final Fantasy XV news stories.
11.27.16 - 2:01 PM

Hey have you heard? Final Fantasy XV comes out soon. Square Enix has released yet more media on the upcoming game including a new commercial and a batch of screenshots. The commercial is titled simply, "Release at Last," summarizing the feelings of expectant fans worldwide. Catch it below:

Further, new screenshots shed light on Phantom Swords, chocobos, Ally Commands, and more. Phantom Swords are legendary weapons wielded only by the members of the Lucis royal family, meaning Noctis. Noct can acquire them by visiting the tombs of prior kings around the world. They are more powerful than the average weapon, but consume health when used and require a full gauge to activate. However, once activated they can trigger a Phantom Link; a joint attack with all party members.

final fantasy xv phantom sword

Final Fantasy XV offers multiple modes of transportation and numerous customization options. The signature vehicle Regalia can be customized by bringing special ores to Cindy. She can customize the car with stickers or paint jobs, down to details like the seats wheel covers. If you get tired of mechanized transport, you can also tour around on a custom chocobo. These faithful feathered friends come in a variety of colors for you to customize, and they will even participate in battle under the right conditions.

final fantasy xv chocobo

Speaking of combat, there will be numerous ways for party members to team up and interact with each other. Players can trigger Ally Commands with a quicktime event. Each command will take advantage of the ally's particular personality. Gladiolus' Cyclone sets up a large spinning attack where Noctis hits a large area. Ignis' Enhance will imbue Noctis's next attack with the enemy's weakness. Finally, Prompto's Conductor will fire a gravity ball to draw a group of enemies into a small area, where they can be hit by area of effect skills.

final fantasy xv ally command

More familiar combat situations involve cactuars, tonberries, and status effects like toad. For example, when encountering the Naga outside the city, the team may be afflicted with toad and unable to attack. This is obviously a very vulnerable state, but characters can still move and jump around, so you can still defend yourself while you wait for it to wear off.

final fantasy xvcactuar final fantasy xv tonberry

final fantasy xv toad

Final Fantasy XV comes out worldwide on November 29th on PS4 and XB1.


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