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Final Fantasy/Puzzles and Dragons Cross-Over Returns to Mobile
As though you'll have any time for gaming beyond FFXV.
11.27.16 - 2:03 PM

Square Enix and GungHo Online Entertainment have announced the return of Final Fantasy to the Puzzles and Dragons universe from November 28 to December 11. Nor is this collaboration merely a repeat of prior cross-overs; in addition to old favorites like Yuna and Lightening, the upcoming cross-over event will include six new characters, a new dungeon, and Ultimate Evolutions bosses from Final Fantasies of old.

puzzles and dragons final fantasy

The six new characters are:

  • Onion Knight: Final Fantasy III

  • Tifa: Final Fantasy VII

  • Auron: Final Fantasy X

  • Panelo: Final Fantasy XII

  • Noctis: Final Fantasy XV

  • Glauca: Kingsglaive Final Fantasy

Glauca will be available exclusively through the MP Shop. Y'shtola, Tifa, and Noctis will have new Ultimate Evolutions and there will be an all new Gift Dungeon as well. The Moogle's Gift and Fat Chocobo's gift will also return.

Puzzles and Dragons is out now on iOS and Android mobile devices.


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