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Final Fantasy XV Launches Today: New Trailers and Collaborations Announced
Celebrate FFXV day!
11.29.16 - 8:29 PM

Well the long wait for Final Fantasy XV has finally come to an end. Square Enix has released two new trailers to celebrate today's launch, titled 'Ride Together' and 'Stand Together', the former being a standard trailer with gameplay footage while the latter is a live action take on four kids meeting XV's main party during a battle with an iron giant. See them below.

A 'Mystery Disc' demo was created specifically for the eve of Final Fantasy XV's launch. The light-hearted demo has a chubby childhood Prompto cameo, several pieces of fan artwork from Twitter and a cameo boss battle against Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda. Check out the gameplay with English subs below. For specific parts, 5:28 is child Prompto, artwork starts around 12:40 and Matsuda's cameo is at 20:05.

Several companies have gotten in on the high-profile launch and announced collaborations with Target, and Dutch DJ Afrojack. Target and the Jones Soda Company have teamed up for a special promo in Target stores in the U.S. where you can get a free bottle of orange and cream flavored Wiz's Energizing Elixir. The drink is also available to purchase separately for $2.99. The European launch event with Afrojack announced the 'Afrosword' will be added to the game, a turntable themed weapon that increases damage to large enemies.

final fantasy xv energizing elixir

final fantasy xv afrojack

Final Fantasy XV is out now. Stay tuned to RPGFan for our upcoming review.


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