Mike Salbato
Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Releases On June 20th
Red Mage Confirmed!
12.24.16 - 9:34 AM

During the Final Fantasy XIV Japanese Fan Festival, Director and Producer Yoshi-P announced that the new expansion Stormblood will release worldwide on June 20th. Pre-orders will start on January 24th and include a collector's edition. Along with this announcement came the official confirmation of the Red Mage job which has been confirmed to be a DPS class that deals both ranged magic attacks and physical melee attacks. You can check out the new job below in a small video clip.

Other tidbits about the expansion have also been shown off which include swimming and diving, the new Ananta beast tribe that follow the primal Lakshmi, the bend of time raid which includes Omega Weapon, and a new alliance raid called The Return to Ivalice. There is also talk about a second job that hasn't been announced yet, but could be hinted at by the Spider-Man shirt that Yoshi-P wore during the key-note speech.

More details and information from the fan fest will be flowing in over the holiday weekend so be sure to check back with RPGFan as we bring you further coverage of the Final Fantasy XIV Japanese Fan Festival.


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