John Alas
Pokemon Sun and Moon Version 1.1 Patch Now Available
Still no Z-Parting Shot in Battle Spot.
01.15.17 - 11:07 AM

The latest patch for Pokémon Sun and Moon is now available in the Nintendo eShop, fixing several bugs in the previous version that include Z-Moves, level up moves, correcting illegal movesets on opponents and held items.

pokemon sun and moon patch updateSome of the changes include fixing the bugs for the moves Memento and Parting Shot. The patch corrects a glitch that caused the game to crash when using these techniques as Z-Moves leading to them being banned in Battle Spot. Additionally, Z-Parting Shot did not heal the incoming Pokémon as stated in its description, an error that has been corrected. However, the moves are still banned from Battle Spot.

The next change corrects the Rocky Helmet glitch that would occur if both players Pokémon got KO'd on the same turn, declaring the player with the Pokémon holding the Rocky Helmet would be the winner when they were actually supposed to be the loser.

A level-up glitch that would cause certain Pokémon to not learn level up moves they were supposed to have has been fixed as well. Kadabra was one of the Pokémon to be affected by failing to learn Confusion after evolving from Abra.

The update also corrected a few opponents with illegitimate movesets. One of them replaces a Battle Tree Kommo-o's Shell Smash (a move it cannot learn) with Draco Meteor. The other change is a Battle Royal Shuckle's Stockpile being replaced with Double Team. Lastly, a Hawlucha holding a Salac Berry is swapped out for a Pidgeot holding a Charti Berry.


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