Peter Triezenberg
Enjoy a Cavalcade of New Trailers for NIS' Exile Election
Zero III and Monokuma, prepare to meet Alice.
02.17.17 - 1:45 PM

NIS America has been releasing a steady stream of character trailers for their upcoming adventure game Exile Election, which is very much in the vein of the death-game shenanigans of Zero Escape and Danganronpa. A group of people are trapped in an amusement park and forced to elect which among them are to be "exiled" until only two remain, orchestrated by the maniacal Alice. The game is due out for PS4 and Vita in Japan on April 27th. Enjoy the smorgasbord of recent character trailers below, as well as the game's opening movie.

I remembered.

They killed my little sister… they killed Misa.

Because I was hurt. Because I was about to die.

There can be any number of reasons for it.

But I can't forgive them.

It's unacceptable.

I will kill them all.


The mechanical doll that oversees the Election.

Hakushuu Isumi

The chronically ill tutor.

Aasha Tadenomiya

One of the Tadenomiya twins, who possess sharp minds and are students of Hakushuu's.

Kaasha Tadenomiya

The other Tadenomiya twin.

Yuuri Himeno

A kind-hearted and intelligent youth.

Miori Himeno

Yuuri's older sister, and a gentle girl who hates violence. Possibly best girl.

Michimune Isurugi

Yuuri's best friend and the siblings' protector, although his strength is useless in the Election.

Shihori Yurizono

A lonely woman who is always by herself.

Issei Ninchouji

A young restaurant worker who is quite sociable.

Izuki Ayara

An aggressive outlaw.

Ichika Houshi

Childhood friend of Kaname, the game's protagonist. Odds are we can expect character trailers for Kaname and his sister Misa shortly.


A pure and innocent girl who doesn't understand human language. Kaname and Ichika protect her.


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