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Check Out the First Details on Final Fantasy: Explorers-Force
Chibis no more.
02.25.17 - 7:32 PM

Square Enix recently released the first details on the upcoming Final Fantasy: Explorers-Force, a brand new action-RPG for mobile platforms coming to Japan. This is a brand new game and not just a simple port of Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS) to iOS/Android. Is also important to emphasize that this new entry comes with a different graphic engine, abandoning the Chibi style in favor of more "realistic" characters.

You can read the prologue here:

There exists a group of people called Soldiers. These warriors, who are part of the "International Peace Alliance," which is known by the nickname FORCE, fight with trained bodies and sharpened minds as exploration specialists.

Many of them were once called Explorers, who devoted themselves to adventuring the world.
Then the world was thrown into a great war. In the battle lasting several decades, the earth and its atmosphere were ruined. To the foolish actions of humanity, calamity was the response. Summons beasts appeared all throughout the world.

In order to stand against this overwhelming threat, humanity established a temporary truce. An organization to oppose the summons beasts is formed, which after its destruction is the predecessor of the organization known as the "International Peace Alliance."

50 years have passed since the calamity. A young man living in the frontier sets off to become a Soldier of the International Peace Alliance. But the young man has yet to understand that he will soon be caught up in a major event on which the fate of the world hinges.

You can level up multiple classic Final Fantasy jobs on a single character; appearance and equipment can be customized as well. The available jobs showcased so far are Thief, Paladin, Monk, Time Mage, Hunter, White Mage, Dragoon and Black Mage. Incidentally, you can also use "Trance" to transform into some popular Final Fantasy characters such as Squall, Cloud, Lightning, Tidus or Vaan, with more coming down the road. Classic Final Fantasy summons will also be present in this new title including Ifrit, Titan, Diabolos, Fenrir, Ramuh and Bahamut confirmed so far.

final fantasy explorers force ifrit

Final Fantasy Explorers-Force releases in Japan in 2017 for iPhone and Android. Sadly, no release for the west has been announced. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and updates on all things Final Fantasy.


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