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New Video Details Exploration and Discovery in Mass Effect Andromeda
The galaxy is yours to explore!
03.05.17 - 10:49 PM

Bioware has released the third chapter in their ongoing gameplay video series for Mass Effect: Andromeda, detailing exploration and discovery within the game's setting: The Helius Cluster.

The video informs of the ability that the Tempest has to travel through the Helius Clusters' locations, which number over 100 unique areas to discover. These can range from derelict spaceships, arid moons, and, most importantly, a number of worlds that the Pathfinder can land on; each sporting challenges, stories and characters for players to discover.

Focusing primarily on the sweltering desert-laden planet of Elaaden, the video informs and breaks down the various systems in place to both help and endanger the Pathfinder in their mission across the Cluster. These systems range from exploring the worlds using the all-terrain vehicle Nomad to both protect the Pathfinder and unlock fast travel points around locales, to the Pathfinder involving themselves in disputes and stories present within these worlds; highlighted by a meeting between distrustful Krogan and a resolute Pathfinder.

As a first for the series, the idea of exploration and discovery ties into the core theme of Mass Effect: Andromeda: that of habituating and finding core planets to live upon. This idea is found in the Andromeda Viability Points mechanic, where the Pathfinder, through affecting each world they land upon, can raise the viability of each planet from 0-100%, gaining points. These points, once spent, allow players to create outposts for planets and upgrade the Nexus, awaking Nexus' personnel from cryosleep, allowing easier upgrades for the Pathfinder in combat, science and economy.

Players will be able to uncover all thatMass Effect: Andromeda has in store for them on March 21st for North America, and March 23rd for Europe, for XBOX One, PS4 and PC.

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