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Meet Instructor Rean and the New Class VII In Trails of Cold Steel III
Some shiny new screenshots and artwork for you!
03.20.17 - 1:51 AM

Falcom has released some new media and information regarding The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, the latest entry in the long-running series that is due out in Japan this fall for the PS4. You can take a look at the shiny new screens in our freshly updated gallery, and read on to find out about the game's prologue, what has befallen protagonist Rean Schwarzer, and meet some fresh faces in the Erebonian Empire.

trails of cold steel iii prologue falcom

"You, you guys walk looking straight ahead…"

"Just go earnestly, single-mindedly forward…"

—Those words determined their perseverance and resolution.

Septian Calendar 1206, spring—nearly a year-and-a-half after the civil war. The Erebonian Empire—which annexed the continent's greatest trade city, Crossbell State, and a few months later also annexed the North Ambria State—has significantly exceeded its longtime rival, the Calvard Republic, and in both reality and in name has become the continent's greatest nation.

On the other hand, the centralization of power has accelerated by way of the Imperial government, and by unifying the tax system the areas ruled by nobles were disturbed and weakened. New problems were also born.

Meanwhile, the secret society "Ouroboros," which maneuvered in secret during the civil war, broke its silence and began to move behind closed doors as to blend in with the activities of the Jaeger Corps and the Republic.

At the same time, a black-haired young man arrives in the Imperial western suburb of Reaves. Rean Schwarzer, the "Ashen Chevalier." As a student, he was the "young hero" who contributed to the end of the civil war by piloting the Ashen Knight, Valimar, and even played an active role in the Crossbell Front and Northern War—.

He just graduated from the prestigious Thors Military Academy in February, but chooses the new path of an "instructor" and takes up a new post at a certain new school—-Thors Military Academy Reaves II Branch School.

In contrast to the main school, which became a full-fledged military school after the enrollment of the crown prince, the Branch School accepts special case nobles, problem children, foreigners, and the like. The headmaster served as a general commander of the old Noble Alliance—.

Among the three classes that make up the school, there is Class VII, "Special Duty Division"—a special duty class with a small number of students in which Rean serves as the instructor.

trails of cold steel iii instructor rean

Following his graduation from the academy, Rean (the protagonist of the original Cold Steel duology) politely declined to join the Imperial army. Instead, he took on a job at the II Branch School in order to "preserve the spirit of Thors," as well as to refrain from using the power of Valimar any longer.

trails of cold steel iii juna crawford

Juna Crawford is a citizen of the former Crossbell state, a lively girl who joined Crossbell's police academy, only to have her dreams crushed when the state was occupied by the Erebonian Empire. In order to keep an eye on the "aggressor state" that is the Empire, she joins the II Branch School.

trails of cold steel iii kurt vander

Kurt Vander is a member of a prestigious military family in the Empire. As a result of tactics used in the Erebonian civil war, his family was dismissed, leading to disillusionment. While he attempted to avoid attending Thors as a result of his disappointment, he now hesitantly follows the recommendation of his older brother, Mueller, as a member of the II Branch School.

trails of cold steel iii altina orion

Altina Orion is a member of the Imperial Intelligence Agency, and is an emotionless spy who bears the codename "Black Rabbit." She is currently dispatched to the II Branch School as a "student," while also keeping an eye on Instructor Rean.

trails of cold steel iii erebonian empire

Stay tuned to RPGFan for more information on The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III.


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