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Radiant Historia Remake Announced for 3DS
One of last generation's gems returns.
03.22.17 - 9:09 PM

Atlus has revealed via Famitsu that the highly acclaimed RPG Radiant Historia will be receiving a full remake titled Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology with new content. The game is scheduled to be released in Japan on June 29th.

radiant historia remake revealed

Perfect Chronology's new features and content include:

  • Voice acted scenes

  • Enhanced Graphics

  • New 'Sub-History' Mode

  • Enhanced Cutscenes

  • Difficulty Settings: Friendly, Normal and Hard

The last addition is a new character, Nemesia, a mysterious girl that appears before protagonist Stocke. She holds the key to a new scenario, 'Sub-History' and is traveling in search of a mysterious material known as the 'artifact'.

Director Mitsuru Hirano also explained the reason behind creating a full remake and discussed the new 'Sub-History' scenario, respectively:

Thanks to everyone's longstanding support, the build up of wanting to release the title has risen even within Atlus. Since providing a world experience is essential in an RPG, we kept in mind not to change that impression. We reviewed the playability and improved it overall.

The third history that is neither the Standard History or Alternate History is the Sub-History. The Sub-History is not just a single parallel world–the treatment of characters and timeline interpretation, how the Sub-History was born, each of these is different from the Standard and Alternate Histories.

Lastly, a limited edition of the game titled "Perfect Edition" will be released for ¥9800. It will include the following:

  • Special Box

  • Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Game

  • Complete 2-Disc Soundtrack Set

  • Art Book featuring 100 pages of full color artwork of setting materials.

  • 'Working Temple' DLC Pack, featuring five pieces of upcoming DLC playable in advance

  • 4-Set event pack DLC with battles and events centered around various cast members

  • Original Radiant Historia character artwork usable in Perfect Chronology (excluding Nemesia)

No word yet on a Western release, but hopefully the positive reception the original Radiant Historia received convinces Atlus to release it in the west. Check out our Radiant Historia review to see what we thought about it!


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