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Destiny 2 Announced for Consoles and PC
Rally the loot troops.
04.02.17 - 1:16 PM

At long last, Destiny 2 has been announced for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The announcement trailer features fan-favorite Cayde-6 (voiced by Nathan Fillion) rolling on in rakish robot tongue about the battle that fell the Last City. The Cabal empire has invaded earth under the banner of Gary? Gil? No, Ghaul, who will be your enemy in this campaign. He leads the massive Red Legion of the Cabal empire. His attack broke humanity apart and also apparently destroyed the entire guardian arsenal of weaponry and armor.

Context clues from the trailer have led the Destiny community to believe that player inventory will be reset for Destiny 2. Given the astronomical inventory most veteran players hold at the moment, this seems like a sensible move. Further updates will officially reveal exactly what carries over from Destiny to Destiny 2.

The first game, while popular, was criticized for a muddled story. Much of the lore for the characters, alien races, and universe history was tucked away in a system of Grimoire cards unlocked through gameplay. Bungie looks to reclaim their storytelling fame with this fresh start, as all guardians search the system for the tools to defeat the Red Legion.

Red Legion

The game packages are structured in classic Destiny fashion. The core game sells at $59.99 USD. The expansion pass containing two future downloads goes for $35.00 USD. From there, the special editions editions begin, culminating in a massive collector's edition with a Frontier stylized messenger bag, solar-powered light, limited edition cabal booklet, and premium digital content. Clearly, this franchise is no stranger to loot.

Destiny 2 collection

Pre-orders allow early access to the Destiny 2 beta. PS4 players will even get bonus content before other systems, lasting until the launch on September 8th, 2017.

Check back for updates as we decrypt the meaning of every drop of data Bungie releases about Destiny 2 this summer!


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