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Atlus Updates Persona 5 Streaming and Video Guidelines
You'll never see it coming!
04.27.17 - 11:37 AM

Earlier this month, at the release of Persona 5, Atlus put out a statement that set strict rules for anyone streaming and making videos of the game to avoid leaking potential spoilers to everyone. With a game as story focused as Persona 5, one could understand Atlus's point of view on the subject, but fans also argued that the guidelines were incredibly restrictive and barely showed off any parts of the game.

After receiving many emails and reading opinion pieces on the subject, Atlus has decided to update their policy on the issue. In a new statement made by the company, they are now allowing fans to stream all the way until the 11/19 date in the game. They also want to make it clear that they weren't trying to come off as threatening in their original guideline statement.

Persona 5 Screenshot

Persona fans can now enjoy more of this fantastic game with their friends on Twitch and Youtube. Also, be on the lookout for our Persona 5 review coming soon.


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