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RPGFan Music: CD theater Dragon Quest III Review
Welcome to the Dragon Quest Theater!
06.05.17 - 6:28 PM

The Dragon Quest series is beloved to many. Some were captivated by its story, while others for its lovely art. You might find yourself in the same boat of simply enjoying the gameplay, but there are definitely a great deal of people out there that had their hearts stolen by its absolutely stunning musical score by Koichi Sugiyama.

We've been spoiled with a lot of orchestral/digitally synthesized arrangements of Dragon Quest's music. We've had piano albums, brass arrangements, and other musical styles so that there was usually something for everyone. However, there's one genre that doesn't get too much attention outside of Japan, more or less because of a language barrier: Drama albums.

I adore podcast/radio dramas because you're the one creating the scene in your mind. It's alluring taking the actions and dialog of the character, mixed with the noise and music, and shaping the scene to what you think is happening. I would absolutely love to do that with Dragon Quest's drama albums, but they still haven't been translated officially and marketed to us. However, both you and I can still enjoy the music that accompanies these scenes, appreciating what hopefully one day might come to the rest of the world (we have someone to thank for that!).

Guiding us through this magical journey of the CD Theater Dragon Quest drama series through the month of June is our very own Patrick Gann, who has poured his energy and heart into this quest so that we can enjoy these albums. My thanks goes out to him for paving this road, and I hope, my dear readers, you will enjoy this review series and the delicious music within...


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