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Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Receives English Character Descriptions
Introducing you to the cast of the latest Ys title.
06.10.17 - 11:16 AM

The official webpage of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana has been updated with English character descriptions. All six main character's profiles have been posted below.

ys viii lacrimosa of dana character descriptions

Adol Christin

The main protagonist of the Ys series. Adol left his nameless village in the Europe region when he was 16 years old, daring to venture to the mysterious land of "Celceta" and several other regions. He is regarded as an expert adventurer even at his young age.

During a trip through the Gaete Sea, he and the Lombardia's crew were attacked by an unseen giant sea creature, going missing with the other passengers.


The title's namesake protagonist, she is a mysterious blue-haired girl that appears in Adol's dreams. Despite her appearance, she is surprisingly bold. She lives in an advanced civilization that has no record of ever existing in the Eresia region. Adol experiences her life through his dreams, suggesting a significant connection between the two.


The daughter of the nobel Roswell family, who were on the Lombardia. She attempts to act noble, but it conflicts with her pride and stubborn inclinations. In Castaway Village were people from all social classes and occupations mingle, she feels out of place, but decides to use her knowledge of wildlife and ancient organisms to assist Adol.


A fisherman from Greek who is dynamic, generous and cheerful. Although he can have frank and crude outbursts to the dismay of Laxia, he is warm and sincere person who is prone to crying when things get too emotional. His knowledge of the sea and his philosophy of fishing is helpful to Adol, whom he joins in order to get back to his family and escape the Isle of Seiren.


An enigmatic transporter who goes Rogue on the Isle of Siren. He takes pride is his work and his serious personality causes him to fulfill any duty that is requested of him. Going along with his demeanor, he is a stickler of cleanliness. He drifted ashore along with a package he was in the middle of transporting. He keeps quiet about the package and the transportation request. He possesses a weapon called the "gun", but is actually a small-scale cannon.


A girl who was living on the Isle of Siren before Adol and the others got there. Although an innocent girl, she is knowledgeable in the island's geography and the ancient species. All of her knowledge and vocabulary was acquired through documents and books that drifted to the island's shore, leading to some gaps in her language skills. She has been waiting a long time for her father to return from his exploration of the island..

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana will be released for the PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC on September 12th in North America and September 15th in Europe. In addition, E3 attendees will be able to play the game's English demo to try out the localized game for the first time.


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