Chris Gebauer
Final Fantasy XV Announcements Teased for Gamescom 2017
Something big is coming this summer!
06.26.17 - 8:19 PM

The folks over at Square Enix responsible for Final Fantasy XV have been hard at work on new content for the most recent mainline Final Fantasy game. And according to the company's E3 2017 recap Active Time Report, there will be some big Final Fantasy XV announcements at Gamescom 2017 this August.

Final Fantasy XV

During the broadcast, Square Enix marketing manager Akio Ofuji said, "We held back a bit of information at E3." Expanding further on what that might be, game director Hajime Tabata added, "That's right. We've been extremely busy. We have to be sure to have some good announcements in the summer." Tabata then went on to confirm in his own words that these announcements should arrive in time for Gamescom 2017 saying, "I want to put out some good news during Gamescom."

Whether it will be a new episode/chapter of the story or more side content, fans looking to spend more time in the world of Final Fantasy XV should stay tuned for Gamescom (hopefully it won't be more VR fishing).

Final Fantasy XV is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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