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New Details, Trailer Released For Blue Reflection
I'm Blue, daboo di daboo die.
07.30.17 - 10:22 AM

Earlier this month, KOEI TECMO of America released a slew of new information for their upcoming RPG, Blue Reflection, alongside a brand new trailer, showing off the innovative battle system and beautiful graphics.

Blue Reflection

Players will take control of Hinako Shirai, a high school student returning to school life after a long absence. Lost in a sea of strangers and unknown faces, Hinako reunites with her old friend Sanae Nishida. Things don't go perfectly, however, as Hinako discovers a strange aura surrounding Sanae, which teleports her to a new dimension, where frightening Demons await! But before these horrors descend upon our heroine, a calming voice reaches out to Hinako.

It will be alright. You can fight. Put your heart into the ring on your finger, and fight as a Reflector!

Suddenly, in a transformation scene that would make Sailor Moon jealous, Hinako gains the ability to fight back against these demons! Joined by the mysterious and magical twins Lime and Yuzu, it's now up to Hinako to protect the world from devastating forces intent on destroying humanity!

Blue Reflection is set to release on September 26th for the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info.


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