Peter Triezenberg
New Screenshots and Details Emerge for Square Enix's Lost Sphear
Tokyo RPG Factory's sophomore outing is looking sharp.
08.28.17 - 11:35 PM

Square Enix has released some new screenshots and details regarding Lost Sphear, the second game from Tokyo RPG Factory following last year's I Am Setsuna. One such detail is information on the Jigan Empire, the largest country in Lost Spear's world: the mechanically minded nation's territory expands across half the world.

lost sphear jigan empire

Leading the Empire from behind the scenes is prime minister Zemlord, a man willing to do whatever is necessary to protect the Empire. He is a strict man, but his goal is to enrich the lives of his people: as such, he views the protagonist Kanata's quest to be one of hope, but it also reminds him of his own powerlessness in the face of the Lost phenomenon. Also present is Galdra, a katana-wielding knight investigating the Lost, eventually joining the party. He has access to a Vulcosuit named Exteat, which has been passed down through the Imperial line and enhances his sword skills.

lost sphear zemlord

lost sphear guldra

As Kanata undergoes his quest, he'll need to gather Memories, which are key to restoring that which has been Lost. By conversing with NPCs, Memories can be crystallized and the Lost entities reshaped: this can be anything from an NPC's missing mother, to entire new locations that provide passive bonuses to the party, such as being able to see enemies' health and ATB bars. Some Memories even come from enemies in battle, or are found in the environment after having been crystallized for eternity.

lost sphear world map

lost sphear world map

You can find more screenshots from Lost Sphear in our gallery. The game is set for release on October 12th in Japan (on PS4 and Switch), and then on January 23rd (for PS4, Switch, and PC) in North America and Europe. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more information.


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