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Bandai Namco Shares New Information, Screenshots for Code Vein
There's bloody work to be done.
09.07.17 - 2:29 PM

Weekly Famitsu has released some new information on the upcoming action-RPG Code Vein, including details on a pair of new characters. Rui, pictured below on the left, is a young leader who is researching a way to save the Revenants, and is skilled with a one-handed sword. To the right is Io, who bears a striking resemblance to Shio from the developer's God Eater games. Io has lost her memories, but is also apparently an expert on both the Revenants and Vein.

famitsu scan code vein rui bandai namcocode vein io

Character creation in Code Vein is immensely detailed, with players being able to customize everything from their character's height and gender, right down to the specifications of each individual eye. Pre-made characters will also be available, for those who are so inclined. Each character can equip up to two weapons and switch between them freely without opening the menu, and players will be able to level up by gaining experience points in combat, as well as further customize their stats with something called the "Blood Code."

code vein character creation

Code Vein combat blood

The game's UI is intended to be simple. Players will need to manage stamina consumption while attacking, much like in Dark Souls, although there is no penalty for running out of stamina: certain actions will not be able to be performed, but other than that, it's smooth sailing. Players can equip up to eight "Gifts" that trigger various effects in battle by spending "Blood Charges." Players can suck the blood of their enemies to obtain said Charges, either by using an action prompt or a "Special Blood Sucking" command that deals extra damage during a back attack or a parry. A "Focus State" can be triggered once a gauge reaches a certain point: by entering Focus State, the player will not recoil from enemy attacks and can launch foes into the air, as well as suck blood more frequently. Last but not least, the player can take along an AI-controlled "Buddy" with them. You can see Code Vein in action in a new gameplay video from IGN, embedded below.

In addition, we have a bunch of new screenshots in our gallery. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more information on Code Vein.


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