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Dungeon RPG Hyakki Castle Coming to Western PCs this Winter
A dungeon crawler with a unique twist.
09.14.17 - 4:05 PM

Publisher Happinet has announced that they will be bringing Hyakki Castle to the West for PC later this year. Hyakki Castle is a real-time, first-person dungeon crawler that draws inspiration from classic Japanese literature. Though the first-person perspective should look familiar to fans of the genre, Hyakki Castle offers a unique twist in its 2-party system, where players are able to split the party and open up new options for exploration. Splitting up is always a good idea, right?

hyakki castle happinet dungeon crawler first person combat

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Hyakki Castle takes place during the Edo period, transporting players to the confines of a haunted castle filled with ghouls, demons, and other supernatural horrors. Players can build a party of four and split them into multiple groups for tactical purposes: having one group lure an enemy out while the other ambushes it from behind, as an example. Players will be able to choose their characters' class, such as a Samurai, Monk, or Ninja, as well as their race, like an Oni or a Tengu. The game is also noteworthy for its soundtrack, which features a mix of classically styled Japanese music and ambient sound to create a foreboding atmosphere. After all, who knows what terrors may lie in wait...

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Hyakki Castle definitely sounds like a title worth keeping an eye on: be sure to watch the announcement trailer below, check out some screenshots, and, as always, stay tuned to RPGFan for more details.


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