Mike Salbato
Monster of the Deep: Noctis Meets [Your Name Here] in TGS Trailer
Sorry, yes, there's another Final Fantasy story out of TGS.
09.20.17 - 10:10 PM

The Final Fantasy news keeps flowing out of Tokyo Game Show tonight, and there is still more on the way in the coming days, so it's best we get right into it.

It's easy to laugh at Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV. "Oh, another spin-off," "I still really don't care about fishing," "Oh good, now I can live out my own fantasy fanfic where I bond with Noctis over our shared love of fishing," and so on.

...is that last one just me? Um, well... moving on. The funny thing is, there is always a market for fishing games, and the mere existence of a highly polished VR fishing game in gorgeous environments is actually pretty cool, taken on its own merits.

And if nothing else, today's trailer shows us that all manner of things may be lurking in the deep, waiting to be fished up...

Monster of the Deep Final Fantasy XV Noctis Fishing Fantasy

Now then, watch the trailer below, and look for Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV on PlayStation VR this November 21st.