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Monster Hunter World January 2018 Release Date Confirmed, Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed
That's way sooner than I expected!
09.22.17 - 9:31 AM

Capcom has announced that the hotly anticipated Monster Hunter World will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide on January 26th, 2018.

monster hunter world logo

This iteration of the flagship action-RPG franchise also has gone live for pre-order purchase, allowing players to pick up one of three versions of the game, that of the standard version, the Digital Deluxe version, or the physical Collector's Edition.

The Digital Deluxe version, retailing for $69.99 USD, includes a digital version of the game, as well as a host of customisable options that can be used in Monster Hunter World, such as: a Samurai Set Skin, three gestures, extra face paint and hair style options, and two sticker sets. If players pre-order Monster Hunter World on the PlayStation 4, they can expect an additional bonus in the form of 14 weapon-themed PSN Avatars. Capcom has also confirmed that the aforementioned customisation options and items, present in this version, would be available for players to purchase separately when the game launches.

The North American Collector's edition, as seen below, will retail for $149.99 USD.

Collector's Edition

monster hunter collector's edition

The edition includes a physical copy of the game, a voucher that will net players all the customisable options from the Digital Deluxe version, a 32 page hard cover art book, a digital soundtrack code, and an ornate statue of the "flagship monster" present within the game itself, all bound within a stylish collectors box.

Pre-order bonuses are also in effect, given to player's purchasing Monster Hunter World in North America at participating retailers, or digitally. These bonuses come in the form of both the Origin Set armor and Fair Wind Charm Talisman, as seen below.

Origin Set Armor

monster hunter origin armor

Fair Wind Charm Talisman

wind charm talisman monster hunter

Capcom has confirmed that these items will "…offer improved starting defense and offense stat boosts for the hunter as well as a useful gathering skill.", allowing novice hunters to get the leg up when starting on their adventures.

And, in the tune of speaking of adventures, a trailer focusing on the story and landscape of Monster Hunter World was released at the Tokyo Game Show, highlighting both beautiful environments, aerial gliding, and the feats of combat that players will contend with, as members of the Research Commission, braving the new and deadly frontier of the new world they face. Check it out!

Personally, this is the most excited I've ever been for a Monster Hunter game in a long while, and it seems that the fusion of gathering, hunting, tracking and combat have been streamline, and expanded to no end. Plus, cat companions, how can you go wrong with cat companions?

Check out our updated gallery for a closer visual look at what Monster Hunter World has to offer!

Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news Monster Hunter World!


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