Peter Triezenberg
Check Out Some Sweet Secret of Mana Remake Character Art
Square Enix is delivering the goods.
09.25.17 - 11:05 PM

Square Enix has released some new character artwork from the forthcoming remake of Secret of Mana remake, giving us a fresh look at the game's beloved characters. You can check out the whole batch in our freshly updated gallery. If there's one thing the Mana series can be relied upon to deliver, it's gorgeous art direction, and I'm really digging these designs and their use of color.

We'll start with some heroes, with Primm's maybe-boyfriend Dyluck, and legendary knight Jema:

secret of mana artwork Dyluck

secret of mana artwork Jema

Next are major bad guys, Vandole and the ever-present Thanatos, looking as evil as ever:

secret of mana artwork Vandole

secret of mana artwork Thanatos

Third, the trio of generals working under these villains, who are definitely more stylish than ever (dat hair), Fanha, Geshtar, and Sheex:

secret of mana artwork Fanha

secret of mana artwork Geshtar

secret of mana artwork Sheex

And finally, we'll close with the lovely keeper of the Water Palace, Luka. Or "Rusalka," if Square Enix's filenames are indicative of her name in the remake:

secret of mana artwork Luka Rusalka

The Secret of Mana remake will bring this action RPG to three-dimensional life on the PlayStation 4, Vita, and PC next February. Stay tuned for more information.

Mike Salbato contributed to this report, even though Peter did not ask him to.


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