Memories Off: Innocent Fille Out in Spring of 2018 for PS4, Vita, & Steam
A new title after seven years.
09.30.17 - 6:58 PM

The latest title in the long-running Memories Off series is set to be released next Spring in Japan. Below, you can find some story details and meet the game's characters.

memories off innocent fille

It's October, deep in autumn, and everybody has already spent half of their High School lives.

The 17 year old Kasane, going to a High School in Sapporo, has but one wish; "I don't want to be here anymore, I just want to go somewhere far, far away."

Having the support of his childhood friend, his wish finally comes true.
By applying for a special scholarship, he is temporarily accepted to the sister high school of Sapporo, in Shounan.

"I finally took the first step."

In his new school, there are many friendly faces. Riichi and his little sister are there, this reunion after seven years of absense is enough to bring a smile to even Kasane's face, who is known for not expressing much of his emotions.

Spending a high school life in a new town, near the sea, known for its attractive view, and above all, reunions and new encounters are all calling for a dramatic adventure, and who knows how it will affect Kasane's heart.

memories off character art kasane

  • Kasane Kusunose

17 years old.

The protagonist, coming from the sister school in Sapporo as a temporary transfer student. His powers of observation and insight are pretty good, though his physical strength and stamina aren't exactly eye-catching. His nickname is Rui.

memories off

  • Noelle Kagamigawa

15 years old.

A girl with French and Japanese heritage, coming from Strasbourg. She applied for an all-girls high school but for some reason, it didn't satisfy her expectations. She is actually the (little) sister of Chloe from Memories Off 6: T-wave.

memories off visual novel vita steam ps4

  • Yuzuri Miki

17 years old.

Coming from Hokkaido, she is Kasane's childhood friend. She is the eldest sibling of triplets. She is quite a cheerful kid and has a strong memory. She also thinks of Kasane as part of her family.

memories off girl

  • Kotori Miki

17 years old.

The middle child of the Miki triplets. She is a level-headed and gentle-mannered girl, also Kasane's first crush.

memories off triplet

  • Riichi Miki

17 years old.

The third and the only guy of the triplets. His absurd love for his sisters gave him a reputation of having a Siscon (sister complex). Riichi is quite popular among girls. Also to be noted, his nickname is Reach.

memories off visual novel romance

  • Sunao Shima

16 years old.

The daughter of Yuunagi landlord, (where Kasane is lodging in) and the only daughter of its neighboring shrine. She is also a close friend of Noelle from way back in middle school. She has an eye-catching appearance. It seems like she is in a relationship with an older boy.

  • Taro Shibata

  • Kazuhiro Ichikara

  • You Jyakukin (GloriaWorks)

  • Ryu Tatsuhou (GloriaWorks)

-Planning and Director

  • Kotarou Aizara (ixtl)

-Theme Song
  • Chiyomaru Shikura

-Scenario Writers

  • Chabo Higurashi (Elephante)

  • Takeshi Shimomura (Qualia)

  • Reiji Shirakibaru

  • Masashi Takimoto

  • Kazuhiro Kawashima

-Character Designers

  • Tsukune Taira

  • Makoto Yasumasa

  • Kotarou Aizara

  • Yasuhiro Ikeda

-Guest Character Designers

  • Mutsumi Sasaki

  • Yukihiro Matsuo

-Sound Composer

  • Takeshi Abo


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