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Code Vein Details New Partner Characters, Weapons, and Enemies
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10.02.17 - 11:54 AM

Following Code Vein's Tokyo Game Show appearance, Bandai Namco has released more details on Partner Characters, the Queens Knight enemy, and weapon types.

code vein partner characters

Pictured above are Jack Rutherford and Eva Roux, two Revenants with a dark past that will team up with the player during certain events, despite being part of the opposition. Partnering with these two changes the battle style to become more aggressive.

code vein weapons

Players will get to choose from a wide variety of weapons, including, Two-handed Sword (shown above), Bayonet, Halberd, and Great Hammer. All of the weapons will have different attributes such as attacking speed, power, range and side effect. The character wielding the weapon adds to the variability, providing numerous combat styles.

code vein queens knight enemy

One of the game's most formidable foes, the Queen's Knight, was also shown in the latest batch of details. This human Type Lost is equipped with a spear, shield and two knives on his back. When his energy is low, he will become more aggressive by changing his phase. This enemy will surely test the player's skill when encountered.

Code Vein will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC worldwide in 2018.


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