Peter Triezenberg
Week in Review 10/7/2017
Kept you waiting, huh?
10.07.17 - 11:40 AM

Hey, there's a Blade Runner sequel in theaters now! And it's good! But that's kind of beside the point, isn't it? No, you're here to catch up on all of the RPG-related news you may have missed from throughout the week. Check out some of the highlights after the jump!

Story by John Alas

The original Superstar Saga is a classic Game Boy Advance RPG, which continued the legacy of Super Mario RPG and spawned a long-running franchise of its own. Now, Nintendo is remaking the title for the 3DS with a graphical overhaul and additional features. You can watch the game's launch trailers in John Alas' story!

mario and luigi superstar saga 3ds

Story by Mike Salbato

An impressive indie title that pays tribute to the beloved Harvest Moon franchise, Stardew Valley has made the leap to Nintendo's popular new console. It's an excellent game, and with the Switch you can take your farming adventure on the go!

stardew valley switch

Story by Soshy

Another game that got rereleased on new hardware is the Capcom action-RPG Dragon's Dogma, which is now available on PS4 and XB1 with a more stable framerate and higher resolution graphics. And, as it turns out, Capcom made a quality of life adjustment to the port as well! Check out Soshy's story for the deets.

dragons dogma hot keys

Story by Peter Triezenberg

Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of 2017's most high-profile titles, so it stands to reason that a Complete Edition, bundled with the game's forthcoming Frozen Wilds would be in the works. For those of you who missed Sony and Guerrilla Game's open-world adventure, now is the perfect time to dive in.

horizon zero dawn complete

Story by Peter Triezenberg

Okay, this might be the story that excites me the most. The Ultimania guides have been a fabled resource for Final Fantasy fans in Japan, and now they're finally making their way to Western territories in three fancy volumes. The first collection, due out next summer, will focus on Final Fantasy I through VI.

final fantasy ultimania archive

And that's a wrap for this week. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more RPG coverage!


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