Metal Max Xeno Announced by Kadokawa Games
Mankind's Last Virgins on the front!
10.24.17 - 9:54 PM

Kadokawa Games recently announced their latest work, which is Metal Max Xeno for PS4 and PS Vita. We have the latest details and an announcement trailer for you below.

  • Overall Direction: Yoshimi Yasuda
  • Director: Hiroshi Miyaoka
  • Producer: Juntarou Kouno
  • Music: Satoshi Kadokura
  • Character Design: Oda Non
  • Monster Designs and other related designs: Atsuji Yamamoto

The game is set in a destroyed Japan and its metropolis which is now called "Death Tokyo." The protoganist's name is Thalys and most of his body is mechanized, he has the power to fight the mighty monsters that inhabit this world on his own.

There's also a heroine, who's name is Toni. Her father was brutally killed and after she was saved by Thalys, she decided to help him on his journey. Other characters include a drunk Engineer named Yocki who carries a wrench as big as himself. The protagonist's tank (a staple of the Metal Max games) is called Crimson Avenger R-Wolf, and the enemies he fights are called SoNs; their mission is to deprive mankind of their existence.

metal max xeno

According to an interview with the developers, Metal Max Xeno is "a Tank and Human RPG returning to [the series'] roots." Although Metal Max 4 didn't have a successful sales record, this time the developers decided to go back to the roots and do it all over again.

The nature of the game's setting (the Great Destruction by Noah and the Blood Corporation) has not changed, but the "era" that the game takes place in has. The stage and atmosphere give off the vibe of Tokyo. The design of the game actually takes after a cancelled Metal Max project called Wild Eyes, which is interesting! The developers joke that Toni is the world's last virgin, and that the story may end up being a romance between the last male virgin and the last female one.

metal max xeno

Stay tuned for more details.


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