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Meet the Launch Roster of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in New Trailer
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12.12.17 - 10:49 AM

With the January 11th (Japan)/30th (North America and Europe) release of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT imminent, Square Enix has released a new trailer that showcases the roster of characters that will be playable at launch. That's a whopping 28 heroes and villains from throughout Final Fantasy history. Check out the video below.

dissidia final fantasy nt ace screenshot

Square has also put out some brief character introductions on the game's official website focused on the heroes from Final Fantasies I-IV. Presumably, there will be more to follow, so stay tuned to RPGFan for more details. Be sure to check out some new screenshots as well!

dissidia final fantasy nt kain

Warrior of Light

A noble warrior who fears no one and courageously faces any enemy. Warrior of Light, wielding his sword and shield, specializes in close to mid-range attacks.


He is a passionate warrior that fights for a free world liberated from war and tyranny. With a wide range of arms, Firion has the ability to combine these weapons to perform strong combo attacks.

Onion Knight

The Onion Knight may be the youngest warrior but he can be a formidable foe. He wields the strength befitting of a true knight with his exceptional speed and mastery of sword and magic.

Cecil Harvey

Cecil calls upon the powers of light and dark. He is a mysterious man with expertise in both swordsmanship and aerial combat. Cecil is able to switch between ground fighting with both short range and long range battle styles or aerial combat paired with his agility.


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