Scott Clay
Week in Review, 1/6/2018
20 years and counting!
01.06.18 - 11:11 PM

You read that right: 2018 marks RPGFan's 20th-year anniversary! We love bringing you all this RPG-related content every year, and hopefully, we'll be doing it for the next 20 years as well. This week we have news stories from Peter Triezenberg and Mike Salbato, a review from Nicholas Ransbottom, and more of our continuing Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary feature.

Story by Mike Salbato

20 years sometimes feels like forever. I remember reading this site back when it first began, and I never knew then I would be so involved in working for it now. I don't even think I could picture it back then, but I very much appreciate the fact that I have this chance now. A huge thank you to all our readers and fans out there. Stick around, this year is going to be fun!

Story by Peter Triezenberg

Well, I know what I won't' get to play until the fall. I mean, I am a little bummed that the PC release is so far off, especially since we won't even know if the PC release will be anywhere near as good as the PS4 release. I mean... I could get the PS4 version, but a part of me hates paying to play games online on a console. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Monster Hunter World Screenshot

Review by Nicholas Ransbottom

I know many have a love/hate relationship with Assassin's Creed. Almost every year there is a new one, and some are of just poor quality it makes you wonder how it even got released in the first place. More of you are probably wondering; "why the hell are you reviewing an Assassin's Creed game?! It's not an RPG!" Well, this time around it very much does fall under our coverage and Nicholas Ransbottom can tell you why in his review.

Assassins Creed: Origins Screenshot

Feature by the RPGFan Staff

We are almost at the end of our Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary feature, and this week we have a brand new Memoria for Final Fantasy XIII. Yes, the game plays like a hallway simulator and has some really questionable design choices regarding gameplay, but it's not all bad, right? But don't worry if you have been enjoying this feature there is still plenty more to come.

Story by Mike Salbato

It's that time already, Final Fantasy XIV fans. Patch 4.2 is right around the corner. I am still a bit disappointed about Eureka not making it into the initial patch but from what I can see the rest of it seems rather fun and worth checking out. Of course, the even-numbered patches always are since they add a new eight-man raid that I am sure will be a lot of fun to dive into. I am still hoping for it to be themed around FFIV this time around, or maybe even FFVI.

Final Fantasy XIV Screenshot

And that's a wrap for this week. Be sure to check back on the front page for all your RPG news and reviews.


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