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Tons of New Valkyria Chronicles 4 Details Revealed; New Characters and Gameplay Features
A former stray is the squad's medic.
01.08.18 - 9:32 AM

Sega has released several new details on the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles 4, including four new characters, new and returning gameplay features including the Training Grounds, Advanced "Jaeger" Classes, Orders and two types of Potentials.

angelica valkyria chronicles 4

Pictured above is Angelica Farnby, an energetic girl that joined Squad E. after they found her unconscious and unable to remember anything besides her name. She is a kind-hearted girl that helps and takes care of tasks including cleaning, laundry and cooking. She is popular among the helper soldiers who nicknamed her "Ange".

valkyria chronicles 4 minerva

Next, we have Minerva Victor, the Squad F leader and first lieutenant. She graduated second in her class only being surpassed by protagonist Claude. Since then, she has resented Claude and wants to surpass him, believing that the ranking was chosen by mistake. She is kind and sociable to people besides Claude. While a skilled military officer, she has a strong sense of elitism due to her father's influence.

valkyria chronicles 4 karen

Karen Stewart is another member of Squad E, serving as it's medical officer and corporal. She is a quiet and kind girl who is popular among the troops for her soothing demeanor. Having grown up in an all male household, she is particularly skilled with treating men. She volunteers for the military to help her family.

valkyria chronicles 4 ragnarok

Last but not least, we have Ragnarok, the medical dog and mascot of Squad E. He is a former stray dog who became attached to Claude and the rest of the team. An incredibly brave dog, he will run into the battlefield during gunfire and bombings to rescue injured soldiers. He can be quite prideful, becoming angry when people pat his head, although he does behave courteously to soldiers who give him food.

valkyria chronicles jaeger class

Training Grounds will appear once again in Valkyria Chronicles 4. This is where classes can be trained, learning new orders and battle potential. Once the class is leveled up high enough it can transform into the higher level Jaeger class, unlocking even more abilities.

Every Jaeger class gains Ability increases all around. Scouts gain the Rifle Grenade, which can launch grenades much farther than the standard hand grenade. Assaults get access to the Flamethrower that destroys sandbags and can instantly kill opponents in it's path although it has a short attacking range. Snipers get two new weapons, the "Auto Sniper Rifle" and the "Lancer Sniper Rifle" The Auto Sniper Rifle fires three rapid fire shots at the enemy, while the Lancer Sniper Rifle has high VS. Armor attack power. Sniper Jaegers will now be able to counterattack enemies. Lancers gain the Mortar Lance, a weapon that can fire a mortar with a ranged attack effect. It also has a high VS Person. Attack power, making it a particularly deadly weapon. Engineers will restore more HP with the Tank Reparation Kit. Grenadiers do not have any boosts beyond Ability increases.

valkyria chronicles 4 gameplay

Series staple features such as Orders and Potentials are part of the gameplay in Valkyria Chronicles 4. Orders are exclusive to the protagonist and enemy bosses and include changing unit's stats, sending reinforcements, withdrawing units and more. In addition to leveling up, new orders can be learned at the "Salon" by talking to comrades.

Potentials are divided into two types; "Personal Potentials" and "Battle Potentials". Personal Potentials are based on the characters personality and traits and can beneficial or detrimental. Story events will affect personal potentials. Battle Potentials are acquired through increasing skill level and generally increase stats. Most of the potentials from both types are learned through awakenings as players progress.

valkyria chronicles 4 potentials

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is due for PlayStation 4 on March 21st, 2018 in Japan and on Switch in Summer 2018. The Americas and Europe are scheduled to receive the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch sometime in 2018.


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