Mike Salbato
From Cornelia to Eos: A Final Fantasy Series Retrospective from a First Timer - Part IV
Keegan wraps up his series, looking at the PS2-PS4 Final Fantasy games.
01.09.18 - 5:19 PM

Slowly but surely, we're starting to wrap up our long celebration of all things Final Fantasy. That said, there's a handful of articles still to come over the next couple weeks, and we're excited to share them.

Today, Keegan wraps up his journey to play all the single-player Final Fantasy titles over the last several months. I have trouble finishing one game these days, so I don't know how he pulled off thirteen of them. In this final entry of From Cornelia to Eos, Keegan covers the series from the PS2 to PS4 era, with Final Fantasy X, XII, XIII, and XV.

Maybe in the future we'll try and make him play through all the sequel and spin-off titles, so we can talk more about dresspheres, time paradoxes, and Revenant Wings. Until then, enjoy this final entry.


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