Peter Triezenberg
Open Beta for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Now Available for Download on PS4
Take Square Enix's shiny mascot brawler for a spin.
01.12.18 - 9:54 PM

If you're dying to get your hands on Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, then you're in luck: the game's open beta is now available on PlayStation 4. Players who download the beta will be able to try both offline and online battles with a plethora of classic Final Fantasy characters.

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The open beta will be available at different times, with a rotating roster of fighters: you can find more details on the game's official website. The times at which the beta will be accessible are as follows:

  • From Friday, January 12th @ 6:00 AM PST to Monday, January 15th @ 1:00 PM PST

  • From Monday, January 15th @ 2:00 PM PST to Thursday, January 18th @ 1:00 PM PST

  • From Thursday, January 18th @ 2:00 PM PST to Sunday, January 21th @ 1:00 PM PST

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be available on January 30th for PlayStation 4. Before you dive headlong into the open beta, check out the latest trailer for the game down below.


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