Trent Argirov
DONTNOD's New Web Series Shines A Spotlight on Their Upcoming RPG Vampyr
New episodes to come out every Thursday!
01.22.18 - 7:14 PM

DONTNOD Entertainment has unveiled the first part in a four part web-series chronicling insights and the creative vision that the development cycle of their upcoming action-RPG Vampyr has unveiled. Check out the first episode, titled Making Monsters, below!

Enemies and factions within the above video are shown front and centre, with the bestial Vulkod and the sewer-skimming Skal set to cause chagrin and difficulty for Dr. Reid as he makes his way through the blighted London that Vampyr presents.

Showcasing all manner of monsters, and the moral choices that players will have to face, DONTNOT Entertainment are no strangers it seems to diving into unfamiliar territory, both within their own discography, and gaming at large to create a compelling narrative that straddles the line between bestial and thoughtful. The remaining videos are set to come out each Thursday, over the next three weeks.

Vampyr is set to release worldwide during Spring 2018, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news Vampyr!


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