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Lost Sphear Available Today
Tokyo RPG Factory returns.
01.23.18 - 12:16 PM

When Tokyo RPG Factory a small studio that Square Enix set up to build smaller-focus RPGs, reminiscent of older games released I am Setsuna in 2016, it immediately drew comparisons to Chrono Trigger, with its similar battle structure, exploration, and old-school sensibilities.

It didn't exactly set the RPG world on fire, but in his review, reviewer Derek Heemsbergen described Setsuna as a game that "takes enough risks to be worth experiencing, in spite of its narrative foibles."

Lost Sphear

Today marks the release of the developer's sophomore effort, Lost Sphear, available now on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. While we'd have preferred to bring you a review today, we were not given advance access to it, so we're starting that process today. Look for our review of Lost Sphear in the near future though, and in the meantime, here is the game's launch trailer:


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