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New Valkyria Chronicles 4 Characters Revealed; More Gameplay Features Detailed
Sega has been quite generous with these updates.
01.24.18 - 8:52 PM

Sega updated the Valkyria Chronicles 4 website with information on three new characters and information on tanks and research and development. All three new characters are part of the Edinburgh Squad 101st Division Number One.

valkyria chronicles 4 new character

Pictured above is Mile Abegg, an expert tank driver and mechanic. He was a diligent honors student when he attended the military academy, graduating the class after main protagonist Claude. Although skilled in his own right, he trusts Claude as a commander and believes that he can bring out a tanks's full potential. Able to remain calm in any situation, he is capable of getting through difficult situations with ease. He is kind to every one but has few close relationships. His hobby is photography.

valkyria chronicles 4 new characters

Next, we have another tank enthusiast, Dan Bentley. In addition to tanks he is also passionate about armored vehicles and is the unit's armored vehicle driver. While his past life is unknown, he was able to use his driving skills to jump between progressively better units. His hobby is working on tanks and vehicles and won't be satisfied with a vehicle unless he works on the whole thing himself. While he is a strong, silent type, he expresses care for his friends through actions.

valkyria chronicles 4 new character

The third new character is Ronald Albee, a tank commander and second lieutenant for Squad F. Since the commanding officer Minerva does not operate a tank, he takes her place as the tank commander for Squad F. He graduated from the military academy a class behind Minerva and she "beat the code of chivalry" into him. While an ambitious individual, he has a collectivist nature, favoring the actions of the army over any individual.

valkyria chronicles 4 tank

Moving on to the vehicles, tanks are large weapons with high attack and defense and have the ability to trample sandbags. Infantry soldiers cannot damage them unless their blue heat sink is targeted from the back. Land mines intended for soldiers cannot damage them, but they can be damaged by land mines designed specifically for tanks. Tanks have the following attacking options, "Armor-Piercing,” “High-Explosive Projectile,” and “Machine Gun".

valkyria chronicles 4 armored vehicle

Armored vehicles are a new type of vehicle that can be used to carry and transport multiple soldiers. Soldiers in the vehicle will not receive collateral damage. The Carry command can be used in Action Mode and Command Mode. However, armored vehicles are not as sturdy as tanks and can take damage from gunshots; soldiers will retreat if the vehicle is destroyed. Offensively, armored vehicles can only equip machine guns.

valkyria chronicles 4 r and d

Upgrading tanks and infantry equipment is done through the Research and Development Center. The funds earned through battle can be spent here. Any infantry weapon type can be upgraded with one development and the enhanced weapon can be equipped by all soldiers able to wield it. In addition, there are enhancements for features such as armor piercing and number of hits.

valkyria chronicles 4 tank enhancement

Tanks can have their guns and armor improved by enhancing the body of the vehicle. Option parts can be added with chassis, weak spot reinforcements and attack support. There is a limited amount of space for option parts, so players must choose the best equipment for each battle. Lastly, the tank coating can be modified and stickers can be attached to customize stats.

valkyria chronicles 4 tank sticker

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is due for Playstation 4 in Japan on March 21st and for the Switch this summer. The Americas and Europe are due to receive the game sometime in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. A pre-registration campaign for the Japanese version is currently running and participants will receive a "Principality of Gallia" tank sticker.


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