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Monster Hunter: World Launch Day Patch Detailed
Team up, stay sharp, and when all else fails, pet a Poogie.
01.25.18 - 7:50 PM

Just ahead of its release tomorrow, new details about a day one patch for Monster Hunter: World have been released. Fans hoping to join the hunt will need to download the 815-megabyte patch in order to unlock online multiplayer, event quests, and chat functionality when the game releases on January 26th.

fighting a Tobi Kadachi in Monster Hunter World

In addition to unlocking some core functions of the game, the update will also add new display languages for some regions, with all versions of the game shipping with voiced language options for Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

new Poogie mascot in the Research HQ area

Moreover, this update will add the ability to receive additional contents in their "My House" base, as well as adding a "Gallery" function to the home menu which will allow players to re-watch event scenes at their leisure. Following the update, hunters progressing through their career will be able to find and interact with a special mascot Poogie in the Research HQ area. Hunters who take the time to pet this little porker will be able to befriend him, and something good might happen if you pick him up and carry him around with you!


Capcom has also teased new downloadable content for the future, including special event quests, special collaboration items, and new character gestures which will all be added after launch. An update is already planned for spring 2018, which will add an additional monster, the Deviljho, to the game. Additional non-stat related contents such as gestures, face paints, and stamp sets, which can be used in chat, are planned for future paid downloadable content, though specific dates and details have not been revealed.

Monster Hunter: World releases worldwide tomorrow, January 26th, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and will find its way onto PC in Fall 2018.


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