Mike Salbato
RPGFan Discord Server Now Live!
Yes, it kind of already was, but now everyone knows.
02.22.18 - 4:46 PM

If you've been part of our forums for awhile or caught wind of it in Twitch chat over the last couple months you know we quietly started a Discord server. We wanted a quiet launch to use as somewhat of a beta test to see if people would flock to it, and so far, so good! As a result, we're finally officially opening it up to everyone.

If you're already familiar with Discord, and are thinking, "hey, RPGFan, welcome to 2015," great! Well, that's maybe a slightly antagonistic attitude, but it means you can just follow the link up there in our navigation or this link right here to go to our Discord server.

Our guidelines and rules are posted within Discord itself, and we also maintain them on our forums. The short version is, as you can imagine: Respect your fellow, uh, Discordites (?), and don't be a jerk.

It's been a very, very long time since we retired our old "Fan Center," with a letter column, fan art, and fan fiction. Those things are better consumed on dedicated sites these days like DeviantArt or Tumblr, but I've long felt it put a bit of a division between our staff and our readers, so I'm hoping this allows us all to interact even more than via other social channels.

That said, please come by and chat! Many forum and Twitch regulars already hang out there, and several RPGFan editors maintain a presence as well. We look forward to having you over.


Twitch Schedule & Status

Sunday, September 16
Wild ARMs 5 • 10am PDT/1pm EDT

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals • 3pm PDT/6pm EDT

Star Ocean: Till The End of Time • 3:00pm PDT/5:30pm EDT
Wild ARMs 2 • 5:30pm 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Wild ARMs 2 • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Kingdom Hearts - Re:Chain of Memories • 2:30pm PDT/5:30pm EDT
Wild ARMs 2 • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Final Fantasy IX • 3pm PDT/6pm EDT
Friday Super Variety Night • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Week in Review: Live Edition • 11am PDT/2pm EDT
Wild ARMs 2 • 5pm PDT/8pm EDT

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