Mike Salbato
Dotemu Announces Company Refocus, and Xbox One Release of Ys Origin
You got some Ys in my Xbox.
02.22.18 - 9:28 PM

Let's get to the Ys news first: You probably know Dotemu from their releases of Ys Origin and Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap in 2017 on PC, PS4, Vita, and more.

This spring, the company is bringing Ys Origin to Xbox One to join last year's PS4 and PS Vita releases. Notably, this is the first time an Ys title has ever been released on an Xbox platform. We're Ys fans around here, and in her review of the PS4/Vita release of Origin, Alana stated "You'd be doing yourself a disservice passing up this solid series." So, there you have it. Also, have this cool Xbox-ified Ys art:

Ys Origin

Before you ask, yes, Ys Origin would be perfect on Switch, and no, the company has not announced plans to bring it to Nintendo's console, but I would be shocked if it wasn't in the works. While we ponder that, Dotemu has touched on its "refocusing" efforts as a company, which it will detail more in the near future. For now, they stated that they have formed a "larger, dedicated arm of development and publishing focused entirely on reviving retro franchises."

One look at their slate of 2017 releases Ys Origin, Windjammers, and Wonder Boy gives you the idea of the direction Dotemu is going for. As stated, the company plans on sharing more about their refocused strategy in "early 2018," and as soon as we know more, so will you.


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