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Final Fantasy XV's Royal and Windows Editions Are Now Available
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03.06.18 - 10:53 PM

Final Fantasy fans rejoice! Your "favorite" Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XV, is now available for PC. Not only that, you also get an enhanced version of Final Fantasy XV called Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition which includes some pretty nice stuff.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Key Art

The Royal Edition comes with new features such as:

  • Insomnia City Ruins: An upgraded area that leads to the end of the game

  • First-Person View: Become disoriented looking through Noctis's eyes

  • Armiger Unleashed: An upgraded version of the Armiger mechanic

  • Royal Cruiser: Allows you to explore the waters around Altissia

  • Regalia Type-D: Traverse the world of Eos off-road and be able to enhance it too.

  • New Trophies: New Trophies, what else did you expect?

The Royal Edition is available now for download on PS4 and XB1. Players who already own the original game can buy the Royal Pack which includes all of the above content for $14.99 USD. Season Pass owners will still have to buy the pack separately. However, the Royal Edition (not Royal Pack) does have all of the previous DLC, so new gamers will be able to get everything right away.

Did you forget about the new Windows version? Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition has all of the above content and specialized graphic settings to appeal to the PC gods. With 8k and 120 FPS support, as well as a free high-resolution texture pack, I assume we are spared your mercy. The Windows version also supports Denuvo and mod support will be included soon.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Key Art

Both the Windows Version and Royal Editions are available on PC and PS4/XB1 specifically. To check out some of the bonuses for buying the game, check here and if you want to check out the content in the most recent update of the game, check here.

Finally, check out our review and our gallery for new screenshots.


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