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Puzzle RPG The Legend of Bum-bo Announced
The Binding of Isaac Spin-off will release on PC in 2018.
05.04.18 - 11:45 PM

Edmund McMillin and James ID have announced their next collaboration in the form of The Legend of Bum-bo. The game is a randomly generated turn-based puzzle RPG. Oh, and it's a spin-off of the beloved The Binding of Isaac. You can check out the trailer for the game below:

According the game's official website, The Legend on Bum-bo follows, well, Bum-bo...

...as he punches the faces off hordes of paper goons and takes their coins! …only to gamble them away at the casinos. Utilizing his bag of trash Bum-bo forms pagan glyphs (via a match-four puzzle system) that create offensive and defensive attacks, and gain specific types of mana to cast epic spells that range from jagging stuff with a fish hook to summoning mom's leg to crush all who stand in your path.

Each dungeon in the game will be randomly generated and, similar to Binding of Isaac, will feature a slew of monsters, bosses, traps, puzzles, and randomly chosen spells. Each run will be unique and each play through will unlock more items, trinkets, playable characters, and other goodies.

The Legend of Bum-bo is due out for PC, Mac, and iOS in 2018, and "hopefully" Switch in 2019.


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