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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Arrives in the West This Summer
The series gets another chance to shine on Switch.
05.13.18 - 7:48 PM

Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will be released in North America and Europe for Nintendo Switch on August 28th. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Ultimate is a port of 2015's 3DS game Monster Hunter Generations and comes with several new features including a challenging new quest level, new Styles and Hunter Arts and the ability to transfer save data from the 3DS version.

monster hunter switch

The new Styles include Brave Style, which lands a series of attacks to build up a meter allowing the player to unleash powerful weapon combos and evasive maneuvers to dodge enemy attacks. Alchemy Style is a supporting role that supports teammates by creating field items in mid-combat.

monster hunter switch

A new challenging quest level called "G" rank is introduced in the Switch version, where players will encounter the strongest enemies the game has to offer along with new attacks to watch out for.

monster hunter dragon

Those who bought the original 3DS version will be able to enjoy the enhancements in the Switch port by transferring their save data. Progress can also be swapped between the two versions. In addition, cross-platform multiplayer will be available.

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