Scott Clay
Week in Review, 5/19/2018
E3 needs to get here sooner!
05.19.18 - 11:03 PM

Only one more month to go until E3 gets here. Those on staff have their plane tickets booked and are ready to bring you all the crazy RPG news from the show floor again this year. The only problem is that we still need to wait a month! Patience is a virtue, but it doesn't mean we won't be getting any news until E3. This week we have news from Gino DiGiola, Peter Trienzeberg, and Mike Salbato with a review from Rob Rogan.

Story by Gino DiGioia

Is it finally happening? Is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to get a release date for this year, possibly? I think all signs point to yes after this pretty cool premiere event this week. Not only did we get new info about the game, some people actually got to play it. I remain skeptical, but hey, stranger things have happened.

Kingdom Hearts III Screenshot

Story by Peter Triezenberg

Shin Megami Tensei is such a fantastic series that has so many spin-off series and games & mdash; it's no surprise that they are all amazing. Strange Journey Redux is a shiny example of one of these spin-offs and should be a game everyone should pick up if you are a fan of Shin Megami Tensei or Persona. I know I can't wait to get my copy and start my very own strange journey.

Strange Journey Redux Screenshot

Story by Mike Salbato

A lot of video games have come along and tried to make their move to the big screen, and most of them have failed horribly. All of them seem to be adaptations of AAA games, where it makes sense to capitalize on the fan base of these popular titles. So the last thing you would expect is a movie adaptation of an indie title. But it is happening, and they couldn't have picked a better game, as To the Moon is a fantastic indie title. This is one video game movie you will want to check out.

To the Moon Screenshot

Story by Gino DiGiola

Ok, I must give Square Enix credit for listening to all the complaints about the terrible Chrono Trigger port that hit Steam earlier this year and going out of their way to fix it. They have released a second patch which brings updates to the UI and graphics again, which brings it more in line with its original Super Nintendo release. It may not be perfect yet, but it is getting there.

Chrono Trigger Screenshot

Review by Rob Rogan

So, the second episode of The Council has been released and Rob Rogan has your review all ready to go. If you're a fan of murder mystery games or games where you know your choices will matter, then The Council is right up your alley and you should check it out after taking a peek at Rob's review.

The Council Screenshot

And that's a wrap for this week. Be sure to check back on the front page for all your RPG news and reviews.


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