Gino DiGioia
Trails of Cold Steel IV Gets Gameplay Info and More Profiles
Randy, Tio, and battle system info.
05.31.18 - 10:23 PM

Oh look, more Cold steel IV info. I feel like we should have a separate section just for these types of articles: "Gino's Spoiler Corner: He gets spoiled, so you don't have to." Anyways, Falcom has released new info that shows off the character profiles and screenshots for the last two SSS members, Tio Plato and Randy Orlando. But first, let's talk about the gameplay news that was also released.

Just remember that regardless of what I talk about, there will be some spoilers to CSIII. I make it as minor as possible but they are still present.

Mechs, Magic, and Auto

You have your normal Divine Knight battles in the game, with characters like Rean and Valimar, but what happens if you weren't lucky enough to be chosen my a thousand year old suit of armor? Well, that's where the Panzer Soldats come in. Characters like Juna, Kurt, and Altina can use their own modern knights to perform special attacks, like Altina's Goliath.

Sen no Kiseki IV Sen no Kiseki IV

Those who played Cold Steel II remember the powerful Lost Arts, mighty magic spells that combine elements and can only be used once per battle. Well, they're back and you can use them in exchange of all of the characters' EP.

Prominence Loa is a Lost Art that combines Fire, Wind, and Space. A giant Phoenix will appear and damage all enemies. Enemies who are hit have their buffs cancelled out and have a high probability of getting burned.

Sen no Kiseki IV Sen no Kiseki IV

Rianon Kiss is a Lost Art that combines Fire, Water, and Mirage. A Goddess appears to charm enemies and support allies with her divine dance. Enemies who are hit will enter a confusion status and party members, on the other hand, can get their attributes buffed.

Sen no Kiseki IV Sen no Kiseki IV

Last but not least, Auto mode has been buffed. Party members can now attack enemies with standard attacks at much higher speeds than previous games. Also, those with combat links can activate pursuits automatically when Link Attacks occur. You can activate Link Attacks by pressing the touchpad during battle.

Sen no Kiseki IV

Ok, profile time. Pretty simple this time around, as we are only talking about Tio and Randy. Minor Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki spoilers to go with these as well.

Tio Plato


Tio is a young former member of the Special Support Section (SSS) and a young research director at the Epstein Foundation. She originally was in the SSS to test out the Orbal Staff as part of the Epstein's research division but her extraordinary powers of sensitivity helped the SSS solve many cases. After the occupation of Crossbell, she became the director of research at the Crossbell Branch of Epstein and kept in contact with Randy, as well as Alisa Reinford, to find the location of Ouroboros's hideout. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Randy Orlando

CSIV Randy

Randy is a former member of the SSS and a current instructor of Class VIII Tactics Division at Thors Military Academy Reaves II Campus. He joined the SSS after being a member of the Crossbell Guardian Force and being forced to transfer. His upbeat attitude and uncanny skill at the halberd allowed him to help the SSS solve many cases. After the occupation of Crossbell, he was transferred to Thors by Rufus Albarea and met Rean and the rest of the new Class VII. With the Empire now in chaos, Randy supports his students with all of his skill.

The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki (Trails of Cold Steel) IV ~The End of Saga~ will release in Japan this Fall for PS4. No word yet on a western release on it or it's prequel. Check our gallery for new screenshots while you wait.


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