John Alas
Star Ocean Anamnesis Lands Around the World This Summer
The space opera will make its landing on the mobile gaming scene.
06.02.18 - 5:41 PM

Square Enix announced on June 1st that Star Ocean: Anamnesis will be released worldwide this upcoming July. The game is the first mobile title in the Star Ocean series to be released outside of Japan. Check out the trailer below.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis has players put together a team consisting of characters from all five main series games. Teams can have several combinations of attackers, defenders, sharpshooters, healers and invokers to suit any play style. The action-packed battles the series is known for return in this installment and come with controls designed for mobile devices. Lastly, Anamnesis introduces a brand new series feature, a co-op multiplayer mode where players can take on missions together.

star ocean anamnesis mobile

Apple device users can pre-register for the closed beta test for an exclusive chance to play the title before launch.

star ocean anamnesis fidel

Android players can join in on the pre-release fun by pre-registering through the Google Play Store.

The official Twitter and Facebook pages will serve as additional venues for pre-registration. Players will receive in-game rewards at launch depending on how many people pre-register across all methods. We've listed the rewards below.

  • 25,000: 500 Gems

  • 50,000: (6) Platinum Prism + (6) Rainbow Crystal

  • 75,000: 1000 Gems

  • 100,000: Playable Character: Welch Vineyard

  • 110,000: 1500 Gems

  • 120,000: Weapon: Welch's Jester Wand

  • 130,000: 2000 Gems

  • 140,000: Launch Coin

  • 150,000: Playable Character: Faize

Stay tuned to RPGFan for more updates on the Star Ocean series!


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