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Coming This Week: 06/04/18
Who wants to kill vampires and werewolves? Just me...? OK.
06.04.18 - 7:10 PM

Happy June, RPGFanners. The sun is shining... well, not where I am, but it is for some of you, I'm sure. And E3 is in less than a week. Well, while the rest of the site is preparing for gaming's largest event, we still have games to play. So, let's see what's coming out... this week.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset - PS4, XB1 (June 5th)

A new Elder Scrolls game!? Oh no, wait. It's just an expansion for the online game coming out on consoles, a couple weeks after the PC version. Man... I was so excited. Well, for those who are playing ESO on consoles, now you can enjoy the next expansion for the MMO based on the best RPG series around... wait, never mind, this isn't Final Fantasy XIV. Check out our review of the original version.

ESO: Summerset

Vampyr - PS4, XB1, PC (June 5th)

If someone told me that an action-RPG featuring a vampire doctor was created by the same people who made Life is Strange, I would have thought you were strange and asked what Twilight fanfiction you were reading. Then I would ask Doctor Strange the magical properties used to make the choice/pacifist mechanics of this game so enjoyable. Cue an Avengers: Infinity War joke that I can't actually make because of spoilers... and another joke about the word strange. Anyways, we have a review of Vampyr out now, for your reading pleasure.


Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr - PC (June 5th)

Oh man, and I came to RPGFan to run away from my Warhammer-obsessed friends. Well, this game has been on early access for awhile but now it will have an official release on PC this week. Play as an inquisitor as you cleanse the earth of filth in developer Neocore Games' take on the Games Workship license. Let's just hope the Emperor doesn't revive and see how crappy the world became... In the meantime, check out our gallery.

Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor - Martyr

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - XB1 (June 6th)

Wait, didn't I say this game came out on Xbox One two weeks ago...? And it actually didn't? Ah man... there goes my journalistic integrity. Well, this game wasn't even announced until a month ago, so I will give it a pass. Well, while I am still wallowing in self-pity, this game will release on Xbox One worldwide this Wednesday and with the reviews coming out, it's worth getting. Especially if you are a fan of retro Castlevania or retro games in general. Check out our gallery too.

Bloodstained: COTM

The Banner Saga 2 - Switch (June 7th)

Ok, I went through a few sessions of therapy and now I can forgive myself for that mistake. What's left? Banner Saga 2 for Switch? Ok. Not really much to say about this game. It's a fantastic strategy RPG, and if you bought the first game on Switch before, you can continue here. Just remember the choices you made in the first game will affect your playthrough here. Two playthroughs of the first game should help you. Check out our review and gallery for the game.

Banner Saga 2

Well, that is everything this week brings us. Quick mention to Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle, too, which comes out on PS4, XB1, and PC on the 5th. We don't cover it, but it has Persona 4 characters in it and I'm a big Blazblue fan, so I'd figure I'd mention it. E3 coverage kicks off this Sunday with the EA conference, so stay tuned for that. RPGFan will bring you the greatest of RPG coverage as always. See you 'fans then.


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