Peter Triezenberg
Steam Version of Chrono Trigger Gets Third Patch
A fourth one is on the way, too!
06.09.18 - 12:26 AM

Square Enix has released another update for the Chrono Trigger PC port, adding a number of tweaks and upgrades to further improve the player's experience. The most substantial improvement comes in the form of further upgrades to the game's UI and controls. Players can customize their user interface when starting a new game, or by going into the in-game settings.

chrono trigger pc

Battles have also seem some improvements, most notably in that it is now possible to turn pages within menus with just one button press. Square Enix has also made fixes for bugs, performance, and balance in certain minigames. All in all, despite the rough condition the port arrived in, Square seem committed to supporting the PC version of Chrono Trigger, which is commendable. Another update is currently slated to arrive at the end of June, which will bring further performance upgrades and the option to remap keys.

chrono trigger pc

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