Mike Salbato
Octopath Traveler Prologue Demo Impressions
Am I a bad person for wishing this game ALSO would get an "Octo Expansion?"
06.30.18 - 3:40 PM

Guys/ladies/slimes/dragons, Octopath Traveler is almost here! In less than two weeks, the hotly-anticipated Switch RPG will be available, and we couldn't be more excited. When the game was revealed in 2017 with minimal details, I thought for sure a release was years away. But the developers' open attitude about the game, and listening to fan feedback from last fall's demo version has been super encouraging to see, and development has seemed to progress nicely.

Octopath Traveler Battle Screenshot

The devs at Acquire/Square Enix are so committed to making something to please people that during E3 week, a second demo version released. Not only does this Prologue demo let you try any of Octopath's eight characters, but your progress in it can be transferred to the full game. In other words, it's the perfect kind of trial version.

If you already have a Switch, you've likely already downloaded this demo version, unless you're trying to go in blind. While I respect the latter option, I still think you should read Alana's Prologue demo impressions and join in on her excitement!

Octopath Traveler releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch on July 13th.


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