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Square Enix Details Octopath Traveler Secret Jobs and More
Not so secret now, are you?
07.12.18 - 5:02 PM

Are you all excited for Octopath Traveler? Well, to sate your appetite before the game's July 13th release on Nintendo Switch, Square Enix has released several new details about the game's features, starting with the job system.

octopath traveler battle job

In addition to a character's primary job, meeting certain conditions will allow said character to learn a secondary "battle job." Equipping a battle job will expand the roster of weapons that character can wield, what abilities they'll learn, and affect their stats. The character's appearance will also change based on what battle job they equip.

For example: here's Tressa, the Merchant...

tressa merchant octopath

...and here's Tressa the Dancer/Merchant, expanding her arsenal of Merchant skills with the attacks and buff abilities of the Dancer. Neat!

tressa dancer merchant octopath

But that's not all: Octopath Traveler also has four secret jobs, ones that were "lost to time." These jobs have powerful abilities, but require "suitable strength" in order to unlock them. These jobs are the Warlord (an expert in martial prowess), the Augur (a powerful mage), the Rune Lord (who fights with the runic powers on their weapons), and the Enchanter (who uses the divine power of the stars).

octopath warlordoctopath augur
octopath rune lordoctopath enchanter

Lastly, Square Enix provided some details on Octopath Traveler's Party Chat feature. Like in the Bravely series, the main party will occasionally have an opportunity to converse with one another via Party Chats. Party Chats can be accessed when the button prompt is shown, and will change based on the party members you have on hand. In addition, characters will interact at in-game pubs.

octopath traveler party chat

Check out our updated gallery for the latest screenshots from Octopath Traveler, and stay with RPGFan for more updates on the game.


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